There are many ways

You don’t have to really do anything else. You can just buy our products and they will help you out when you need them. But you should never ever forget that even the best pills cannot cure a disease or syndrome – they will get the job done, that is for sure, but you must always be aware that you should not „abuse“ the pills, but rather use them as a support and help to improve your performance.

What exactly can you try out besides that?

The first thing you can always do is that you will start eating healthy (or healthier, just a little is enough), restrict smoking or stop misusing antidepressants. A little run for ten minutes every day might be a good start. Now every syndrome such as the delayed ejaculation syndrome has some backstory – it does not happen just like that, something must trigger it. Now for this you might want to visit a sex therapist. Our pills do sure make your sword strong but to swing a sword you need a strong hand. Such therapist can help you to understand where exactly the problem can be and how to deal with it. The pills will work always, but the human physique is not limitless.