Who should definitely go and see their doctor before buying tadalafil drug?

Cialismight be a saviour to many but some people are just forbidden to use this drug. The drug itself is not recommended and people with these conditions should never use them. It’s people with serious cardiovascular diseases, who suffer heart attacks or strokes. People with low or too high blood pressure are advised not to the drug since tadalafil relaxes blood cells and works with the blood flow in the body. The patients who lost their sight in the past thanks to disease called NAION should also never use this drug since it might cause them further damage. And people in general who are using medicine for any lung disease.

Be aware of other drugs and medicines too!

It’s not recommended for anyone to drink alcohol or use recreational drugs together with Cialis since that might have a huge negative impact on health of the user. Of course, a little amount of alcohol like a glass of wine is not forbidden but you should never cross this line when you are going to use Cialis later. Antibiotics should also never be used together with erectile dysfunction pills just as nitrates.